Vayu Mudra – How to do, Benefits, Steps

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Vayu Mudra and It’s Importance

Vayu Mudra is the symbol of a nice and healthy life. As we all know, to live healthy life and be stress free from our hectic schedule, we should practice Yoga or any exercise daily. As it maintains the healthy circulation of blood in entire body. In the same way this Mudra helps to provide us a healthy and disciplined life.

It provides you so much goodness that if you are habitual to it, you will never want to stop practising it. Since this shows results in steady and long term, so we have to keep patience and do it regularly. The positive vibes generated by this mudra are unmatched. Let’s explore more about the ways to do it and it’s benefits.

Meaning of Vayu Mudra

Whenever someone hears this term Vayu Mudra, the first question which arises in mind is about it’s meaning. Vayu is a hindi word which means “Air”. Now when this word Vayu is combined with mudra then it means that this is the mudra which controls the air elements of human body.

Apan Vayu Mudra

Apan Vayu Mudra is a form of Vayu Mudra which is responsible for monitoring and balancing the blood circulatory system. It has direct positive effect on digestive and respiratory system.

Apan Vayu Mudra

This controls and provide protocols for the disciplined flow and regulation of air inside a human body. There are a lot of diseases which only occurs due to the imbalance of air elements in our body. If we practice this Vayu hand Mudra , this will eleminate all chances of such diseases.

How to do Vayu Mudra ?

Air is among the most important building elements inside any human body. So this fact makes this mudra more important for all to follow. Here we are presenting the right steps for this Mudra.

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Vayu Mudra Steps

Vayu Mudra is often known as Vayu Hasta Mudra also. Here is the step by step guide for Vayu Mudra Steps:

  • All Mudra exercises are meant to be practiced in comfortable clothing. So make sure the clothing which you are wearing while performing this mudra is loose and very comfortable.
  • The second step is to stebalize your mind. You have to feel free from outside world and only let your mind work and control your desire along with thoughts. Once you are relaxed and really focused then this is a easy step towards performing Vayu Mudra.
  • Now you have to place the tip of the index finger under the base of the thumb. This touch should be gentle and slow.
  • Now, start putting a little soft pressure with your thumb upon the finger. This will start the process of suppression of air element of body by the fire element.

It’s as simple as it sounds. This is the easiest way of performing Vayu Mudra.

Since this is the air element controlling mudra in our body, it has many benefits. Let’s explore the benefits of it one by one:

Vayu Mudra for Weight Loss

If you are tired of trying everything for weight loss, then just give this a try. To perform it for weight loss, just place the tip of your ring finger under the thumb of your hand. Start the gentle touch and take it to soft pressure on your ring finger with the thumb. Perform this simple action for few weeks, you will see great results in weight loss. Make sure to control your diet also during this session.

Vayu Mudra for Gas

Vayu Mudra for gas problem is quite beneficial. To perform this, firstly give a mild pressure on the index finger with the base of your thumb. Now , repeat this gentle pressure on the index finger by the thumb a few times. Make sure that while performing this , your all other fingers should be straight. If you feel discomformt in doing this, you can minimize the pressure.

Vayu Mudra for Vata Dosha

Vata Dosha can be the cause of many problems. So to avoid all health issues originated from Vata Dosha, perform this Vayu Mudra. Touch the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb. Now relax and feel the energy flow from your index finger towards your thumb tip. This is very helpful in correcting the Vata Dosha.

Vayu Mudra for neck pain

Pay special attention to this vayu mudra pose for neck pain. In this posture, you have to join the nail of your index finger with the inside edge of the thumb. While performing it, you have to keep the three fingers straight. Now, gently press the thumb and the fingers together. Perform this for few weeks and you will see visible results in terms of comfort from neck pain.

Benefits of Vayu Mudra

Vayu Mudra Hand Posture

There are many health benefits of performing this yoga. We are presenting the benefits of Vayu Mudra here:

  • It cure and heals you for all the air imbalance related problems
  • Balances the air within the human body and stomach
  • This regulates and balances the air elements inside human body
  • It helps in improving your capability of holding breath
  • This improves the air flow in chest and helps in chest pain
  • It is a perfect immunity booster and helps in fighting with common flu such as cold and cough
  • It helps in releasing the pressure from nerves and also from neck pain
  • Vayu Mudra is extremely beneficial for treatment of paralysis
  • It also helps you in the process of weight loss
  • This is a very good remedy for getting rid of stomach pain

Side effects of Vayu Mudra

Till now, there are no reported side effects of this yoga posture. But you can feel a little pain in your fingers if you apply too much pressure. But that also goes within minutes after you complete it. If you somehow feel any kind of discomfort by this, it is always advised to consult a yoga instructor in that case.

Time for Vayu Mudra

If you are suffering from any disease which is caused by the imbalance of air elements of body, then you should practise Vayu Mudra for approx 45 Minutes on daily basis. This will start showing you good relief within 1-2 days. Since, this mudra shows it’s effect and goodness in a long run, so one should practise it for 2 months on daily basis.

There are no specific sitting posture for performing this vayu yoga mudra. You can perform is while standing, lying down or when you are relaxing on some chair. Even you don’t have any air element imbalance in your body, then also it is very beneficial for overall health. In that case, just 20 minutes of this yoga posture are good enough to provide you all benefits in longer run.


Can we do Vayu Mudra After Dinner?

This can be done at any time before or after dinner. Even you can practice Vayu Mudra while walking, standing or sitting.


Vayu Mudra balances the air elements by regulating their flow and eleminating the extra air from body. This pose is extremely beneficial for the pain caused by the disturbance of air elements. Practice this on daily basis for at least 2 months to see some visible results.

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