Vajrasana Benefits, Steps, Images, How to Do Guide

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Vajrasana is a very beneficial yoga that molds the body in a sitting posture. The name Vajrasana Yoga Asana originated from the Sanskrit language which simply means Thunderbolt or Heera. The word Vajrasana is pronounced as Vahj-RAH-Sah-Na.

Vajrasana is also known as Adamantine Pose.

Let’s explore the benefits of this wonderful yoga exercise. We have written everything in detail to make you understand things better.

What is Vajrasana ?

Vajrasana Benefits

To perform it, you have to kneel your knees on the floor. Then you have to sit back on your feet to lose your body weight from your knees. It is believed that the human body can be strengthened like Thunderbolt or Diamond by continuous practice of this asana.

All the exercises related to breathing and meditation are often done in this state, which gives the body a concentrated concentration. This is a posture in which you can move your body very easily. By continuously doing this yoga posture, you can get many good benefits for your healthy body.

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Benefits of Vajrasana

Although there are many Vajrasana benefits, it is especially beneficial in eliminating stomach disorders. This posture can relieve you from many types of diseases including Lower Back Pain according to studies published in the year 2010. Which will be very beneficial for you and your healthy life. There are various great benefits of doing it, as follows:

  • It strengthens the nerves of the legs and thighs in your body
  • It improves the digestion of the human body and helps it to run smoothly.
  • This helps you in relieving stomach aches and constipation etc.
  • This posture coordinates your neck and spine in a straight line in your body.
  • With the continuous practice of this yoga asana, energy flows in the body of the back of your body.
  • It prevents some rheumatic diseases of the body as well as provides flexibility to the knees and ankles.
  • This yoga posture is very beneficial for women. It provides great comfort to the waist and hips in the body so that there is no problem with menstrual irregularity in women.
  • It also acts as the base posture for other pranayamas so that you can concentrate on doing them.
  • It also makes sexual organs strong in the human body.
  • It is also effective in treating urinary problems.
  • It helps in increasing our blood circulation process in the lower abdomen as well as in reducing abdominal fat.
  • This beneficial Yoga also relieves you from knee pain.

How to do Vajrasana steps ?

To perform Vajrasana Yoga, you must understand all the necessory steps. This is also known as Thunderbolt pose. To perform it effectively, you must follow these steps which are given below.

Step 1: To perform this posture from starting, first of all, you have to sit with your legs to be spread straight in front of you.

Step 2: Now bend both your legs backward and sit on your knees and place your hips on the ankles of your feet.

Step 3: Point your toes backward and keep in mind that your big toes are touching each other from behind.

Step 4: Now sit comfortably on the pit made by the ankles of your feet.

Step 5: Now keep your head, neck, and spine in such a way that all three come in a straight line.

Step 6: Place both your palms upward on your thighs.

Step 7: If you are doing this yoga practice in the initial days, then you do it for about 30 seconds. And if you are an advanced yoga practitioner, then you can do this activity for about 15 minutes as well.

Step 8: Now exhale and rest in this posture.

Step 9: Now straighten your legs and get to your initial state.

How can we do Vajrasana Poses more comfortably?

Yoga After Dinner Vajrasana

If you feel any kind of discomfort in doing Vajrasana yoga posture, then keep in mind that you can do it the right way. To do any yoga asana without discomfort, you must ensure with your yoga practice that you do it in the right way. You can use these techniques to reduce the discomfort caused by practicing it, which is as follows:

  • If you have pain in your knee or you are having difficulty sitting on your knees, then you can keep a folded towel or a small pillow behind the knees.
  • If you are having trouble sitting, then you can place the yoga block between your legs horizontally. So that it can take the pressure fully off your knees and ankles.
  • If you have pain in your ankle, then you can keep a folded blanket or towel under your Shins. Keep in mind that the blanket should be placed in such a way that your toes hang backward.


Although there is no harm in performing it, in some cases, you should avoid doing Vajrasana steps. We are mentioning the conditions in which you should not practice it.

  • This should not be done even to those people who have slipped discs.
  • Those who have any difficulty in walking should also avoid this practice.
  • You should not do it if you have severe pain or stiffness in your legs, ankles, and knees.
  • If any part of your body has recently undergone surgery, then you should not do Vajrasana yoga at all.
  • If you have ulcers or hernia and any other intestinal problems, then you should not do this exercise.

Nowadays, in our day-to-day life, we have to face many types of disorders in our bodies. These include many problems such as stomach problems, insomnia, blood pressure, and many other types of disorders, etc. If you are facing similar problems, then you should also make a habit of doing yoga daily so that you can stay away from these types of disorders.

Through this article, we have explained to you about this wonderful yoga posture, through which you can keep away stomach disorders by continuous practice. This yoga practice is suitable for after-dinner yoga practice. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why and how Vajrasana Yoga is beneficial for health?

Vajrasana yoga is very beneficial for your health because whenever you do this yoga process, it will benefit the digestive system in many ways. When you sit in the posture of Vajrasana, this posture obstructs the flow of blood in our legs and thighs. And helps it grow in the abdominal area. Thus, it helps to improve our digestive process as well as keep it running smoothly. It relieves the complaints of constipation in our stomach.

How long can we sit in Vajrasana Pose?

If you are doing this Vajrasana yoga practice in the initial days, then you do it for about 30 seconds. And if you are an advanced yoga practitioner, then you can do this activity for about 15 minutes as well. 

Who should not do Vajrasana Yoga?

Those people who are facing these problems should not do Vajrasana yoga at all. If you have trouble with your spine, then you should avoid doing this Vajrasana. Or those people who have pain in their knees, then you should not do this yoga practice. This practice should not be done even by those who have recently undergone any kind of surgery.

Can Vajrasana Yoga Exercise Reduce Abdominal Obesity?

Yes, Vajrasana not only reduces your abdominal fat but also increases your stomach metabolism. And it proves to be effective in doing this because after adjusting yourself in this posture, you sit upright which gives your body a strong core. For this, you should practice this Vajrasana daily so that you can easily work out the abdominal fat in a few days.

What is the best Yoga After Dinner ?

Since there are various exercises and yoga practices that are made to perform only with an empty stomach. Out of them, Vajrasana is the only Yoga that can be done after dinner also. It helps in your digestion. Many people name it Yoga after dinner also. This is a very healthy Yoga for stomach problems. It improves the flow of digestive enzymes and keeps your stomach healthy.

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