Chin Mudra – All You Need to Know before Practicing

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Chin Mudra is the most powerful meditation yoga for improving concentration. It also represents the common posture of meditation where a person posing in a crossed leg position, hands on their knees, thumbs, and index finger touching together. In this posture the thumb and index finger are touching each other that’s why it is called ‘Chin Mudra’.

How to Practice Chin Mudra – Step by Step

Step 1: Sit down on the floor with straight back and relaxed position.

Step 2: Now rest your both hands on your knees. Make sure your palms of hands are open.

Step 3: Now just touch the index finger with the thumb of both hands and keep all other fingers extended.

Step 4: Your hands should be straight and your palms should be in the upward direction.

Step 5: Maintain this correct posture and relax.

Chin Mudra Steps

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Benefits of Chin Mudra

  • It calms our body, mind, soul.
  • It balances the elements of our body.
  • Increases concentration level.
  • It reduces frustration.
  • Helps in sharpening the memory
  • It energizes the body with positive energy
  • Build a better understanding of the outside world.
  • It makes your mood happy and relaxed.
  • It helps in enlightening us.
  • Chin Mudra improves sleep patterns.
  • It helps in reducing lower back pain.
Benefits of Chin Mudra

What is a Mudra?

‘Mudra’ is a word that originated from the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is an ancient language and it is one of the oldest languages available in the world. Mudra means ‘lock’ or ‘shield’. Basically, it is best known for hand gestures but there are other forms also which are popular.

In another form of Mudras, we can take the example of Head Mudras, Full Body Mudras, and Eye Mudras. Mudra also teaches us moral values and the way to calm our mind and body.

Mudra word is not related to any religion but since it has many benefits so a lot of religions have adopted it. There is no harm in performing this Mudra. It tells us to be polite and to be donation friendly towards humanity and its well-being. Meditation Pose which in general is sitting on the floor and holding the hands up with palms in the upward direction can also be a good example of Mudra.

How does a Mudra Work in Yoga?

According to Ayurveda, there are many imbalances in the body which result in various kind of deceases. These imbalances are caused by either the lack of access to the five body-generating elements.

Our fingers have the control and signal towards these elements. You can understand this by assuming fingers as the power sources of five balancings of the body that are air, fire, water, earth, and ether. The fingers in various Mudras control the flow of energy in a specific way.

With various patterns of these fingers together it sends signals to the vain about the unconscious reflexes of the body. This powerful energy pattern is balanced and monitored by these Mudras.

If we practice Mudras in a right manner then it can help in healing and balancing the body elements. This results in Disease free body and healthy living.

There are various kinds of Mudras. In all of them, Chin Mudra is the easiest and effective one to follow. When you touch the thumb with the other index finger while practicing this Mudra, you basically generate a good flow of energy in the whole body. This is how Mudra works in healing the mind and body.

The Science Behind Fingers Position in Mudras

Every individual index finger has the power to create different kinds of energies when it is combined with another finger. When the index finger is joined with other free fingers then it represents ‘Tamas’. Tamas represents darkness, chaos, destruction. but when we combined the index finger and bows it towards the thumb, it represents ‘Rajas’. It represents passion, activity, and confusion. When you actually make the connection of index and thumb by touching each other, it generates ‘Sattvas’. Sattvas is good by resulting in compassion, creativity, and harmony.

Inspiration and Intuition of Chin Mudra

In our hand finger, every finger has its own significance. Out of all fingers, our thumb has superiority. It stands for Devine consciousness. When we talk about the index finger, it stands for human consciousness. When we perform Chin Mudra then our main motto is to bring the human consciousness closer to the Devine consciousness. So that we can get immense peace, satisfaction, enlightenment, and happiness.

There is also a second thought process of this Mudra. According to this, our hand thumb represents the sixth sense, which is basically intuition. The index finger is the symbol of inspiration. Now if you will try to understand the intuition, it comes from inside us. It is the sense when we know that something is going to happen and you don’t the reason why you think so. Inspiration comes from outside world based on the information, scenarios we see.

Now, when we connect these two fingers together in this Yoga Mudra, we actually connect inspiration with intuition. They both together create awareness. So Chin Mudra is also about knowing yourself with a new perspective.

When will you feel the Energy Effect of Mudra?

Whether it’s Asana or Pranayama, you have to practice it very well to feel it. Most people practice Meditation or Mudra in a very wrong way and then they expect o feel the energy.

To master meditation, we have to try it multiple times and keep on improving the posture and the protocol. We learn from practicing something and it applies to Mudras also. The more you will engage with the Mudra or Meditation, the more you will understand your mind, body, and soul energy flow. Many times it is seen that people perform it without concentration. This results in no benefits at all.

To feel the effect of energy flow and the relaxation generated from these Mudras, you have to perform it with full concentration and correct posture. Also, once you are more focused, you will realize how many good effects and positive vibes these Mudras are providing you.


If you want to avoid diseases and medicines, you should practice Yoga on a daily basis. The best part about Chin Mudra is that you don’t need any doctor’s advice or consultation to perform this particular Mudra. So enjoy the seamless benefits and goodness of Yoga and Mudras.

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