10 Benefits of Savasana

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Benefits of Savasana: Yoga or Meditation is very important for our body, which is effective in keeping the body healthy. By practicing yoga every day, we can keep our bodies healthy and disease-free. It is most important for yoga and meditation that you should have a true experience of yoga while doing yoga.

By the way, you must have known about many types of yoga asanas, one of them is also Shavasana or Savasana meditation. Through this article, we are going to give you complete information about this kind of pose, its benefits, and the right steps to do.

Top 10 Benefits of Savasana

Yoga is always good for health and mind. We are listing the top 10 Benefits of Savasana here :

Benefits of Savasana
  • When your body is tired of doing yoga during many activities or yoga sessions, then it helps to rebuild your body again to perform other activities. 
  • This posture is a very important yoga pose to relax the body.
  • By doing this kind of Yoga Aasan, the body gets warmth and relaxation.
  • This keeps your body in a state of relaxation, which causes your body to cool down in its mold.
  • Savasana brings your body to a deep state of rest which repairs the tissues and cells in the inner part of your body.
  • It helps your body to relax after a workout.
  • If you practice yoga or meditation every day, then it is the perfect way to end your yoga session.
  • It helps keep your body away from many problems such as insomnia, blood pressure, and anxiety, etc.
  • It is effective in maintaining the air balance of the body. It is very important to have air balance in our body so that if our body is damaged externally, then we can recover as soon as possible.
  • It balances the energies in our body to provide a better flow of blood.

As we know there are several benefits of savasana and Meditation. Yoga asanas help us to overcome various problems anxiety, stress, fatigue, and isonomia. Same as after performing various Yoga asanas it is also very important to do it. These are the several mind-blowing benefits of Savasana Yoga.

What is Savasana?

You must be aware of many types of yoga. If we talk about Savasana, it is also a kind of yoga asana that is pronounced as Shuh-Vah-Sana. In this kind of yoga pose, one takes up a dead body, hence this posture has been given the name of Savasana.

Why it is important?

This yoga posture is a state of relaxation and the best way to relax. Often this asana is performed at the end of a yoga session which signifies the end of the yoga asanas. By doing this asana, the body gets a pause after performing many activities. So benefits of savasana are never ending. This is a nice way to end up daily yoga routines and it gives such wonderful relief and relaxation to the body which is worth trying.

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How to do Savasana Meditation Steps?

Savasana Meditation Steps

Before performing this Meditation Steps, you must understand all its correct steps so that you can perform all of its Yoga poses effectively. You must follow these steps which are given below to understand this yoga practice. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: First of all, lie down on your back without any support and close your eyes. If you want, you can keep a small pillow under your neck.

Step 2: Keep both your legs away so that your feet and knees are relaxed.

Step 3: Now leave both your palms open upwards and place your arms a little away from the body.

Step 4: Now pay attention to all the parts of your body one by one so that your entire body will get rest.

Step 5: Now you start focusing on your right foot, after this, then take your attention on the left leg. While doing so, move towards the upper parts of your body. Make sure that you give comfort to every part of your body.

Step 6: Keep on breathing deeply, so that your breath will be relaxed. By breathing in this way, your body is energized and at the same time, your body gets rest. While doing this action, do not let any other thoughts come into your mind, focus your attention solely on the urinary and respiratory processes of your body.

Step 7: You have to surrender your entire body on the floor and at the same time make sure that you are not sleeping.

Step 8: After doing this process for about 10 to 20 minutes, You start to feel that your body is completely relaxed. After this, keep your eyes closed and turn to your right.

Step 9: Now sitting in the posture of Sukhasana with the support of your right hand.

Step 10: While sitting in the same posture, take some deep breaths so that you can become aware of the environment and body. Now when you feel that you are feeling completely relaxed, then slowly open your eyes.

More Information about Savasana Meditation

We will provide you some useful Information about this yoga posture. This Corpse Pose is considered to be the most difficult yoga posture among the various yoga asanas. This is also called the Art of Relaxation. The various postures of this meditation place your body in the conditions in which your body fully enters the state of comfort. With this asana, your body feels deeply refreshed, so after eating, your body is ready to do any work in a completely new way.

By doing meditation, your body gets very relaxed at the same time, in which you have to focus on only one body part at a time. If you do this exercise after stressful activities throughout the day, then with the help of this Savasana, you can make your body relaxed.

By doing this activity daily, your body is relieved and also improves the physical understanding of your body. But sometimes it happens that when your body is very tired or when you have stress from work, then it seems impossible to do this asana. That is why you should keep practicing it daily, and you should practice other asanas before performing this yoga. You can become proficient in the art of relaxing your body with the practice of daily yoga asana.

Objective to do Savasana:

The main objective of doing this yoga is to give your body rest with abstract meditation. So that your body can remain alert and alert even in a relaxed posture and your body and mind will notice stress for a long time and release from it. 


This Yoga Pose Savasana is the most relaxing posture of all the poses of yoga. The Benefits of Savasana yoga practice are trusted by millions. We should perform this on regular basis to make our body fit and healthy.

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