Surya Namaskar | Sun Salutation: Full step by step explanation

Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 back-to-back Yoga Poses. It is also called Sun Salutation. It is a cardiovascular workout that involves everybody part with stretching. This results in a great impact on our overall health. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation generates positive energy flow for the body too.

Yoga Asana nameSun Salutation
Sanskrit nameSurya Namaskar
MeaningTo Express Gratitude towards Sun
Anatomical FocusCore
Anatomical Awareness Focus on the core abdominal region, chest
Therapeutic ApplicationCardio Exercise

The best time to do Surya Namaskar is the early morning Muhurt. You should remember that you do not have to eat anything before doing Sun Salutation. Since it is a combination of 12 unique Yoga Poses which needs to be performed in a systematic way. There are various ways of doing Surya Namaskar. But here we are presenting you with the most accurate and authentic methods mentioned by Patanjali.

You should do it on a regular basis to gain maximum benefits from it. We are mentioning here step by step guide for Surya Namaskar Steps.

12 poses of surya Namaskar | Surya Namaskar Steps

Step 1. Pranamasana (Prayer pose)

Pranamasana Surya Namaskar

Stand straight on one side of a Yoga mat. Keep your feet so close that they can touch each other. Now try to balance your weight on an equal basis on both of your feet. Keep your chest relaxed and straight. You should not feel any pressure on your shoulder. Now you have to imitate the posture of Namaste of Hindu religion. And while lifting your arms for the Namaskar pose you should exhale. This prayer position by joining your both hands together in the Namaste pose is known as Pranamasana or prayer pose.

Step 2. Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose)

Hastauttanasana Surya Namaskar Pose

In this step, you have to keep close your shoulder and arms near your ears. Slowly lift your arms up and start bending towards your back. While doing this you have to make sure that you have breath in. This pose helps you in stretching your whole body in a balanced and healthy way. With this Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose), You will feel good stretch movements between your muscles. You have to make sure that you do not bend too much towards the back as this might be uncomfortable for the pelvis.

This controlled momentum of the stretch mechanism by the ancient way helps you in relaxing muscles. Do it very slowly in order to it in the right manner.

Step 3. Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend)

Hastapadasana Pose of Surya Namaskar

Now since your body is ready for some bigger stretch momentum. Start bending towards the front from the waist. You have to make sure that your spine is erected. While bending towards the front, you have to breathe out. While exhaling, you have to make sure that you keep your hands down towards the floor as mentioned in the above pic.

Your hands should be touching your feet. If you feel a little bit uncomfortable while making this pose, then you can bend your knees just a little bit. It will give you the right posture to bring your palms down near your feet. Remember that you do not have to move your hands here and there while doing this pose. This is the very balanced Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend) Yoga Asana.

This particular Hastapadasana pose helps the blood to circulate in the full body in the right manner. It also helps you to release unwanted gases formed in the body. This toxic air is not good for your body hence Hastapadasana helps you to release it.

Step 4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)

Ashwa Sanchalanasana Surya Namaskar Steps

In this step, you have to sit down on the floor like the above-mentioned pic. Your right leg should be pushed behind and your left leg should be in parallel to your hands. Make sure your left leg is between your arms. Your knee of the right leg should be touching the floor. And you should look straight forward which practicing this posture.

This Surya Namaskar Step is known as Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose).

Step 5. Dandasana (Stick pose)

Dandasana Surya Namaskar pose step

In this step, you have to bring your left leg backward long with the right leg. You have to make sure while making this posture, your body remains in a very straight line. Both hands should be maintaining equal distance from the neck. This step is known as Dandasana (Stick pose).

You should be very careful with the neck pose which practicing this position. You have to look towards the floor. Many people make this mistake as they look straight and not toward the floor.

Step 6. Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute with eight parts or points)

Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute with eight parts or points) is the most famous Surya Namaskar Pose. In this pose, you have to make sure that eight parts of your body are involved in the Sun Salutation poses. You have to bring your hips up and rest your chest along with the chin on the floor. Now just slightly forward and bring your knees down to the floor. While making this step you have to exhale. This way your both feet along with your knees, Your hands, chest, and chin, all eight parts of your body will be touching the floor.

This is the most complex yoga pose of Surya Namaskar. So do it very carefully.

Step 7. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra Pose. In this pose, You have to slight forward and bring your chest up like a cobra. Your shoulders should be making a proper distance from the ear. And your elbows might bend in this posture. The most important thing is that you have to look towards the sky while doing this pose.

Breathing is the most important step while performing this Surya Namaskar Yoga. While taking the air in you have to stretch out your chest in the forward direction. When you start releasing the air, you have to push your navel towards the floor. This balanced practice of breathing in Bhujangasana helps you to energies the Chakras of your body. The stretch of body and muscle in this Yoga Asana should not be done forcefully. You have to do it very gently.

Step 8. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog pose)

You have to make the upside-down alphabet “V” like pose to perform this Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog pose). To perform this yoga posture, you have to exhale and slowly lift the waist area towards the sky. Your hands should be on the floor and your face should be looking towards your back legs.

To stretch and perform this posture in a better way, try to stretch your lower leg part slowly and gently. Make sure you don’t stress yourself for stretching to keep it safe and relaxing.

Step 9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)

Ashwa Sanchalanasana Surya Namaskar Steps

Now to go into this pose, you have to breathe the air in and bring your right leg in between your hands. You have to make your lower back push downwards to create a stretch in the body.

The most important thing to remember while performing the Ashwa Sanchalanasana yoga is to keep your body straight and your shoulders should be at an equal distance.

The breathing process should be done slowly and gently and the stretch should be mild to soft to achieve maximum benefits and relaxation.

Step 10. Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend)

Hastapadasana Pose of Surya Namaskar

The alternative steps of breathing in and breathing out make this yoga more amazing for the respiratory system.

To perform this Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend) yoga, you have to bend towards the floor and keep your legs forward slightly like in the above pic. If you are facing any difficulty in doing it, you might consider bending your legs a little bit. Now you have to touch the floor with your palms.

Now since you are in the right pose for this yoga, try to touch your leg knees with your nose. While doing so, make sure you breath-in very gently.

Step 11. Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose)

Hastauttanasana Surya Namaskar Pose

Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose) is very relaxing in its own way. It is like the stress-buster of all problems and stress. You just have to take the cool breathing and then bend backward. While doing so, raise your both hands in a straight way and keep your lower back stretched.

To avoid any discomfort, ensure that you have to keep your hands stretched and make the movement in an equilibrium state.

Step 12. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana for surya namaskar steps

Tadasana is the last pose of Surya Namaskar Yoga. It is also known as Mountain Pose. In this yoga posture, you have to exhale and then keep your body straight like a mountain. Make sure your hands are on the sideways.

Now once you perform this last step of Surya Namaskar, you can repeat the process. While repeating the process, you have to keep note of two things that will change in another round of this Sun salutation yoga. In Step number 4, you have to keep the left leg forward and in step number 10, you have to keep the right leg in the forward position. This alteration will complete the one set of Surya Namaskar.

Yoga is a very good physical and mental wellness exercise. One should practice it on a daily basis. If you have any medical condition, then you should either consult your doctor or your yoga instructor before performing any kind of yoga. Surya Namaskar has many pros to heal the mind, body, and soul. It also gives us freshness in the morning. You can assume it as a full-body stretch in the meditation way.

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108 Surya Namaskar

108 Surya Namaskar

As we have discussed above about the 12 Yoga poses of sun salutation, the ultimate goal of these poses is to activate the solar plexus in our body. As we all know that solar plexus is the center element of all the energy sources of our body. There are various advantages of Surya Namaskar which are proven.

Doing 108 Surya Namaskar Salutation is a challenging task. It requires a lot of stamina and disciplined practice of Yoga. But there are thousands of examples who have achieved this by practicing it consistently. We can recommend a four-week plan which can help you to achieve this 108 Surya Namaskar.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Week 14 sets8 sets12 sets16 sets20 sets24 setsRest
Week 224 sets24 sets24 sets24 sets24 sets24 setsRest
Week 336 Sets36 Sets36 Sets36 Sets36 Sets36 Sets36 Sets
Week 448 Sets48 SetsRest54 Sets54 Sets54 Sets54 Sets

How to Relax Your Body After Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation practice requires a lots of effort and you need to relax after performing this. Many times it is seen that people go on to their bed or couch to relax after preforming Yoga. But you can perform various relaxation poses of Yoga to relax your body in the correct manner. You can practice these mentioned things to relax your body.

  • Perform Relaxation Yoga Poses for Various Body Parts.
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water on a daily basis, this ill make your body hydrated.
  • You can take a long walk in a park surrounded by trees.
  • The easiest way of recovering and relaxation of muscles after Yoga is to sleep and relax.
  • Many times people start practicing 108 Surya Namaskar and after few days they find it difficult to persue and stop it. Our advice would be if you feel tired and find it difficylt to proceed, you can take a break. After the break your body would be more energetic to perform the fitness regimen.
  • We highly advice you to contact your certified Yoga teacher in case you want to practice 108 Sun Salutation.

Surya Namaskar Steps PDF


Surya Namaskar Steps are very easy to follow if you have proper knowledge about it. We should practice it on regular basis. There are tremendous benefits of following this Yoga.


what is Surya Namaskar?

Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 Yoga Poses. These 12 Yoga postures are connected with each other.

How many steps are there in surya namaskar?

There are 12 Steps in Surya Namaskar Yoga.

How many asanas are there in surya namaskar?

There are 10 Asanas in Surya Namaskar. Two Asanas are repeated once that makes the total steps to 12.